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How It Works

ANDRA Drag Racing Series and 400 Thunder Pro Series riders are awarded points based on qualifying position and how far they progress through eliminations. Bonus points are also awarded for the quickest elapsed time (ET) and highest speed of the event.

For an 8 motorcycle field, the top qualifying team (quickest ET after all the qualifying rounds) is awarded 8 points. The next quickest 7 points and so on to the 8th place given 1 point.

Elimination round points are: 100 points for the Final Winner, 80 points for Runner Up, 60 points for reaching the semi-final, 40 points for a quarter final, and 20 points for non-qualifiers.

The team with the low ET of the event is awarded 5 bonus points, and 5 bonus points for the fastest speed is also awarded.

For example, a rider top qualifying, winning the event, and having the quickest ET and highest speed will be awarded 118 points (8 + 100 + 5 + 5) – the highest possible number of points for a single event.

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