Pro Stock Motorcycle Scott White Pro Series 1000 Photo by Bob Taylor

Marketing Opportunities


The Pro Stock Motorcycle Association (PSMA) is a non-profit organisation representing Australian Pro Stock Motorcycle (PSM) drag racing teams competing in the 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series. The PSM class is one of only six professional classes in this series. As a valued PSMA business partner you will receive maximum exposure to a targeted audience of motorcycle racing enthusiasts. Each event that PSM competes in attracts spectator audiences in excess of 10,000 and each event is broadcast live on the internet and televised soon after on Fox sports with an estimated combined audience of 40,000. With five events per season you could have potential brand exposure to 250,000 drag racing fans and motoring enthusiasts many of whom are racers themselves.

PSMA offers a number of marketing opportunities to you as a marketing partner:

  • Contingency Sponsor – This program provides a way of rewarding your customers for using your product or service in return for the team displaying your logo decal on both sides of their vehicle for the duration of the event. The Winner and Runner Up can claim a reward directly from the sponsor after the event. Participation of competitors is open only to those that are financial members of PSMA, and they will be required to use the product the contingency sponsor has posted a reward for.
  • Internet Advertising – PSMA is in the process of publishing a new website offering up to date information relating to the PSM class in Australia. There are limited opportunities to buy advertising space on the website before the official launch this year. All advertising revenue raised by PSMA is used to directly benefit members with things like tow money, the production of merchandise and running costs of the association.
  • Individual Sponsorship – If you prefer to sponsor an individual PSMA member team we are happy to put you in contact with that team.

We welcome all enquires about these opportunities and we are willing to work with you to negotiate an appropriate level of commitment to suite your business’s marketing budget.

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