Locky Ireland 2015 VPW Pro Series 1000 Photo by Bob Taylor

About Us

Pro Stock Motorcycle

The Pro Stock Motorcycle, also known as Pro Stock Bike or just Pro Bike, are finely tuned naturally aspirated motorcycles with powerful in-line 4 cylinder or V-twin based engines in custom chassis with bodies designed to replicate production motorcycles.

Pro Stock Motorcycle riders balance on a knife edge as they attempt to out react their opponent and manage multiple gear changes without overpowering the track while reaching speeds around 300 km/h.

Pro Stock Motorcycle Association

The Pro Stock Motorcycle Association Inc. (PSMA) formed in 2014 and is a non profit organisation of Pro Stock Motorcycle teams who compete in the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) sanctioned Australian Professional Drag Racing (APDR) 400 Thunder Professional Series. The PSMA aims to promote and develop the motor sport of Pro Stock Motorcycle drag racing in Australia by liaising with APDR and other organisations, and to ensure the professional and safe conduct of its participants.

Membership of the PSMA is generally for Pro Stock Motorcycle riders and team owners who are currently competing or have advanced plans to compete in the Pro Stock Motorcycle bracket in Australia. Associate membership is also available for other interested persons. Application for membership must be made in writing to the committee.

400 Thunder Professional Series

Formed in 2015, Australian Professional Drag Racing aims to revitalise professional drag racing in Australia. APDR is composed of a board of four; three from Australian drag racing tracks and one competitor representative. The board through its CEO is responsible for the day-to-day running of the 400 Thunder Professional Series. A racing commission has also been formed with a 50/50 representation from tracks and competitors. The commission is responsible for technical, sporting regulations, and the composition of the calendar and formats.

The 400 Thunder Professional Series is for the premier teams and includes six categories of vehicle:

  • Top Fuel – nitromethane fuelled dragsters.
  • Top Bike – nitromethane, supercharged, turbocharged and/or nitrous oxide fuelled motorcycles.
  • Pro Alcohol – methanol fuelled dragsters, funny cars and altered cars.
  • Pro Slammer – methanol fuelled and supercharged sedans.
  • Pro Stock – gasoline fuelled cars without power adders.
  • Pro Bike – gasoline fuelled motorcycles without power adders.

APDR 400 Thunder events are sanctioned by the IHRA. Founded in 1970, the IHRA is the second largest regulatory body in the United States with 98 member tracks, and the leading body in Canada with seven tracks. The USA-based organisation also has member tracks in New Zealand, where it is the primary sanctioning body.

Australian Pro Stock Bike Drag Racing